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Problem with saving JPG files on Windows 7.

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We have an issue when saving graphs as JPG. When we browse to select a file location, we get the following error message : "Access violation at address 1019D861 in module 'PEGRP32B'. Read of address 00000000." At this point the application freezes and we have to kill the process manually. Everything else is working flawless. How can we solve this?

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You might encounter this error because you are trying to save the file in a location where you don't have writing rights (usually this is happening when you try to save a file in a location from C:\ drive). To fix it, try to save the file to a location on any other drive. Also, it's a good idea to run the program using Administrator rights in order to avoid any errors like the one above. To do this, right click on the program's icon from desktop and select Run as administrator. If this didn't fix your problem, it might be caused by other issue. Try to contact the developer for further assistance in this case.

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