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Problem while loading the plugin.

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When we attempt to load the Internet Explorer plugin bjnplugin.exe, half the systems we try to install hang at the loading screen. It appears the plugin has been installed, it shows up in the Add/Remove programs section. However, it does not appear integrated with the browser and just hangs at 'loading'. I am using Windows 7 with Internet Explorer Version 8 and 9. Both versions are like this. We tried uninstalling it then reinstalling it and got the same result - hanging. Tried uninstalling it and removing any left over keys in the registry, and this did not resolve it either. Is there something else that I can do to fix this issue?

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If you get this behavior when you try to install the plugin for Internet Explorer, I suggest that you try the same process for another browser. This is advise in the troubleshooting process. If the same behavior is encountered, the problem might be with your computer and not the program. However, if you can run the plugin on another browser, the version for the Internet Explorer might have a problem. To download other versions of the plugin, check the official download website. If you can't overcome your problem, it's advised to contact the developer using the same site as above in order to obtain further support.

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