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How can I transfer videos from VHS tapes to DVD video format?

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I bought EasyCAP and downloaded this Ulead product, but I'm having some difficulties working with it. I bought it so I could convert my VHS tapes to DVD. I successfully downloaded the driver and the software, but it's the action of 'capturing' that is not working. I tried changing up the settings, like the video bit rate, etc, but I'm not sure how this all works and I can't find anything on Google to help me. What settings do I need to do so I can successfully transfer my VHS tapes to a Video format like MPEG?

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In order to transfer videos from your VHS tapes to DVD you have to make several settings. Open your Unlead Video Studio, go to File > Preferences > Capture and have Allow access to capture device's settings enable and click OK. Go to Capture tab and click Capture, select the Source to be your device with the VHS tape in it. Go to Options > Capture Options and note the number that is displayed there (it may be dimmed) then go to Option > Capture Properties > Audio Source > Properties and select the device with the VHS tape in it. Next go to Option > Capture Properties > Video Capture Filter > Video Decoder and choose at Video standard the NTSC_433 option > OK. On the same window, go to MPEG Settings > Properties and choose DVD NTSC (720X480), also choose Constant bit rate and change the Aspect ratio to 16:9 and have the Bit rate set to 224. These are some standard settings to transfer from your VHS tapes to a DVD MPEG video file format using this software.

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