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Playback mode isn't functioning.

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Command Center in playback mode seems frozen, but actually just stalls badly. If I watch close enough there is minimal movement and program is very unresponsive during this feature. Just happened over the last two or three months. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but no effect. Note that I can play saved videos through another media player by accessing the hard drive manually with no issues, any ideas? I am running Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate, I have 8 GB of ram memory and 1 TB memory on the hard drive. What can I do?

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If reinstalling the product didn't help, you should probably download the latest version of the application. It is known that newer releases have some errors fixed. In this case, visit the official website of the developer in order to obtain a download link for the latest version. If the problem still persists in this release, contact the developer using the site mentioned or simply don't use the playback feature. If you can watch your videos through another player, do that to overcome the freezing issue.

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