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Transfer a small portion of the map to the device.

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I've installed Ibycus Topo 4.0 to my Windows Vista PC, and the maps are recognized and displayed nicely in the Mapsource program (version 6.16.3). However when I use the Map Tool to select a small portion of the map, and then send it to my old but very serviceable Etrex Legend, the whole map is sent (6.8 MB). What am I doing wrong?

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The whole map can't have only 6.8 MB. Usually, GPS maps occupies more that the seize mentioned. However, if indeed the whole map is transfered to the device, probably you are doing something wrong. In this matter, I strongly suggest that you visit the developer's website. From there, you should be able to access the tutorial videos in which it is explained how to install the program, and how to use it as well (the videos can be found on the bottom of the page). Follow the steps described in the tutorial to properly transfer items to your GPS device.

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