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Format the text for my graph.

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On the x - axis of my graph, I would like to be able to wrap the text for the group labels - e.g. "Black or African American Arg/Arg" is long and when it is angled out it takes up a lot of space. SPSS can word wrap so that "Black or African" is on the top line and "American Arg/Arg" is on the next line. That way all my labels can fit horizontally and the figure doesn't become so big. I know I can abbreviate but would rather not. How can I achieve this?

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GrandPad Prism doesn't have a function that can do this automatically. However, this can be accomplished easily by dividing the text into two pieces. To do this, go to your graph window. Here, press the Add text button (which has the icon a T). In the first box, type "Black or African" and use the mouse cursor to position the text on the top line of the graph. You should repeat the process for "American Arg/Arg", but place the text on the next line. This is a simple process that can be accomplished easily.

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