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SI Programmer won't reverse motor direction.

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I've just installed SI Programmer and am using it with a stepper motor. I tried a simple test of moving 50 steps and returning to position. However, it moves 50 steps and then moves another 50 steps in the SAME direction (instead of reversing direction). Similarly if I give a single instruction of CCW 50 steps or CW 50 steps, it only moves in the same direction for both the CW and CCW commands. What may be the problem?

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In order to check if there is a problem with your code, with the software, or with the motor you use, you can try to use Feed & Return option available in the program. This option will move your motor a specific distance, then it will automatically return it to the start position after a short delay.

Also, I suggest you visit the following official website in order to download the User Manual for a better understanding how the software works.

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