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Keep on using Lotus Organizer

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Long ago I started with Lotus Organizer 97 version 2. Meanwhile it seems it has been upgraded. I am now moving to Windows 8, with touch screen. The CD-Rom I have (OR 2) is NOT accepted to install. Of course I need to keep all my data that is written on my current version. Those data I have transferred already to the new computer. It cannot be opened. What should I do?

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This software is not developed for Windows 8 and doesn't have an update that is compatible with it. However, you can launch the software in that OS by using one of this tools to emulate an older Windows OS and to run it from there: VMware Workstation or VirtualBox.

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Lotus Organizer 6.1 is reported to work on Win 8. If you have got LO 6.1, you can open .or2 files. So, all you need is to get hold of LO 6.1.

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