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Basic questions: Can Magix do this?

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I have never used any editing software so my questions may seem strange, but I haven't been able to find answers online or in the user docs for ANY editing software on the market.

(1) Will Magix allow me to show 2 videos at once? I intend to make one video using a black background and then dump a bunch of glitter as my special effect. I then want to show this glitter clip at the same time as my normal clip. Can this be done?

(2) Should I be using a white background instead of a black background for the above special effect?

(3) Will the software allow me to reverse (play backwards) a single clip (not the entire movie). I want to make my own titles by arranging some letters on a table top, and then blow them away using compressed air. I would then want to reverse this clip so that my titles would appear to blow onto the screen. Can this be done?

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Yes, Magix will allow you to have multiple videos played at the same time since it's working with layers. You can add any other effect that is available from the Effects menu and you should use a background based on the quality of your input video. With the use of effects you can perform any kind of movements regarding the playback of your video through the transitions available for the videos. Basically, the program will allow you to perform all these operations you have mentioned above.

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