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Troubleshooting AFP Viewer fonts issues.

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Viewing an AFP file (MODCA) with the XP Window IBM-AFP viewer. The IBM AFP viewer is looking in the CSDEF.FNT or CPDEF.FNT files and not finding font resources that are inline within the files. Does the AFP viewer ignore the embedded inline fonts within the file or does it use Window default fonts? Why does the AFP Viewer look in a these CSDEF.FNT or CPDEF.FNT files if the fonts are embedded inline? Is there an AFP Viewer option not to reference these CSDEF.FNT or CPDEF.FNT file an only use the inline fonts?

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It's possible that the fonts need to be in the Windows system directory as well, but it's rather unusual once they're defined on the file. The file should be taken from the server. First thing to do is to contact the developers of the application, then download a new update from the IBM website. In case it's an error, this should be fixed through the available updates. You can contact IBM through the Support page.

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