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Photos security and access information.

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I recently e-mailed some photos to a friend. Making sure I emailed the correct photos, I double-checked in my sent mail and although the correct photos were sent, when I clicked the"X" button in Snapfire the rest of my photo album appeared which amounts to hundreds of photos. So the question I'd like to ask, is it only me on my computer who has access to my photos? Or is it who ever I e-mail photos too has access to the rest of my photos in this way? If you could please provide me with an answer.

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Yes, you are the only one who has access to photos. Other users will see only the photos you have emailed through and that's it. No one will have access to the library on your computer. However, if you have the photos stored on an online account, then I recommend double checking the security settings for Share feature, because if they're share with public access, then anyone can see them. As long as the pictures are stored locally inside the app, you will be safe.

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