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Program's ability to provide exact data.

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I used this program for my meta-analysis. I use the program for studies of use of ultrasound in diagnosis of forearm fracture. In the forest plots, I've got Inconsistency 0.0 % for sensitivity and 76.8 % for specificity. I don't understand why there is a big difference between these values. Is this caused by an internal error of the application, and is this going to be fixed?

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According to a document that can be downloaded from the developer's website, the behavior that you encounter isn't that unusual. When you use the product for some cases, you might obtain big differences in results. In this case, the reviewer should investigate further the reasons why this is happening. This being your case, I suggest that you download the mentioned document. By doing this, you can find more about this matter, as well as methods on how to properly solve the problem.

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