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Retroshare is not working as intended.

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Been using Chillvision for many years. I have seen that the Ezsearch was being deleted. I got an email to do the Retroshare thing. I have done that thinking this is the new way. Is there no more karaoke? Not sure what Retroshare is, but I do not see any way to get files. Am I supposed to make friends with everyone that I was downloading from before? There are no guides on how to do that with karaoke so am I to assume it does not exist any longer. The other way was so simple. This is all confusing now. Can you shed some light on this please?

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Neither ChillVision nor Retroshare are available anymore. There is a new application called Retroshare, but it's used to securely chat with friends. You can use the official website to find more information about it. Unfortunately, this is the only way. Besides that, no information about karaoke is provided for any of the mentioned applications.

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