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Installation stops at 17 %.

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asked by (120 points) about Little People (TM) Ontdek de luchthaven!
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When I try to install the game 'Ontdek de Luchthaven' by Fisher Price, the installation process stops at 17 %. It says that the installation process has stopped before finish, that it hasn't been installed correctly and that I have to try it again, but it stops every time at 17 %. What's wrong? Can you help me, please?

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If you encounter the same behavior, every time you try to install it, the installation package might be corrupted. To make sure of this, install the game on another computer. If the same error appears, you definitely need to download another installation package. Please note that it's advised to use only programs (games) from official sources. To obtain a download link for this game, you need to use Google or search for it on any retail website like Amazon, because the product might be discontinued.

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