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PDP11GUI and real PDP 11/34A

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I have a real PDP 11/34A system, with programmers panel, RX02, Three RL02's, 8 port serial, along with console serial I found PDP11GUI today. It looks like an awesome environment. I installed it successfully on a laptop running Windows XP, and started up the 11/34A. When it starts, the console window shows a register dump, and a $ prompt. However, the PDP11GUI program pops up a message saying that it doesn't see the prompt from the system. I can type in the console window commands such as "L 2000",
"D 017777", "L 2000", and E, and it properly shows "002000 017777" then returns to the $ prompt. So, I know the serial console is working. No matter what I do, I can't get PDP11GUI to recognize the real 11/34A. I am using the proper "real 11/34 serial" setting, but it just won't work. Do you have any suggestions?

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There is a guide on the RetroCMP website where the process is explained better. I advise checking the website in order to find out information for the PDP11GUI. Use the link below to access the table and the documentation. There is also a tutorial section on that page that provides the correct procedure to start:


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