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Keep the option thicked.

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I am using Chiptool V5.9.9.1 to control a chromatography oven. The configuration went well and my instrument is connected. However, every 5 min or so, it is disconnected. When I checked Chiptool, I found out that the “configure always default Ethernet” box was unticked. I have to recheck this box each time, and I am not using DHCP, but fixed IP. Could you please tell me how to keep the “configure always default Ethernet” box ticked continuously?

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The behavior that you encounter is not normal. The option mentioned should remain checked even after you restart the program. To overcome this behavior, you should update the program's version to the latest released. To do this, visit the product's review page on Software Informer and press the download button. By maintaining your application up-to-date, you overcome some errors like the one mentioned.

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