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Change the key mapping for my keyboard.

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I just download Keytweak and use a Dvorak keyboard. I want to change only three keys 'A', 'O' and '"'. But when I tried to use Keytweak (when I tried to swap '-' and 'A' it left 'A' where it was and put '"' where the '-' is). I tried to undo it, but the changes didn't take efect. Now, if I type '-' then '"' comes up and the 'A' is still where is was. How can I overcome this?

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The program was tested and it worked flawlessly. To proper change the key mapping, open the program and from its main window press the Restore All Defaults button. This will undo all the changes made until now. After you did this, press the 31 key (this is the A key) with your mouse and from the Choose New Remapping drop-down menu choose the new key. After you finished this, press the Remap Key to save the configuration. Repeat the action for other keys. You should be able to overcome any difficulties.

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