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I can't connect to Quintum AXM800.

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I am trying to connect to Quintum AXM800 with Tenor Configuration Manager, but I always get a "Connection failed. (Please check the IP Address)" message. How can I solve it?

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In order to fix the issue, close the program, reboot your PC and launch the Quintum Tenor Configuration Manager. From the File menu select Connect and then press the Discover button. After that, select Quintum AXM800 from the list and press the Connect option. If it doesn't work, you need to assign the device IP address manually. For this purpose, connect the device to your PC using a DB9 female to DB9 male, navigate to Control Panel, type Phone and Modem in the search box and open the utility (If you're using an older operating system open the Hyperterminal). After that, click the Modems tab, click Add, estabilish a serial connection (COM1, COM2) and set the following Port Settings (select the modem, click Properties, click the Advanced tab and select Change Default Preferences):

  • Bits per second: 38400
  • Data bits: 8
  • Parity: None
  • Stop bits: 1
  • Flow control: None

Once you are connected, enter the following commands:

  • [b25a7e82] Login: admin
  • Password: admin
  • Quintum# config
  • config# e1
  • config-EthernetInterface-SL1DV1EI1# set dhcpe 0
  • config-EthernetInterface-SL1DV1EI1# set ipa
  • config-EthernetInterface-SL1DV1EI1* set subnetmask
  • config-EthernetInterface-SL1DV1EI1* submit
  • config-EthernetInterface-SL1DV1EI1# siprd
  • config-StaticIPRouteDir-1* change 1 g
  • config-StaticIPRouteDir-1*
  • config-StaticIPRouteDir-1* submit
  • config-StaticIPRouteDir-1# maint
  • maintain-StaticIPRouteDir-1# mc
  • maintain-MasterChassis-1# reset

The last command will reboot your device. After that, go to Quintum Tenor
Configuration Manager and run the Discover option or go to Connect and add the IP address manually. Check the official user guide for further information.

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