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Information about stochastic user equilibrium assignment in TransCAD

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I have a question about stochastic user equilibrium assignment in TransCAD. There are two options for the error distribution: normal and gumbel. In addition, one has to specify the variance of the error distribution. The default value is "Error=5". I don't know what this "Error=5" refers to. Is it the standard deviation or the variance (for the normal function)? Is it the standard deviation, the variance or the parameter of the gumbel function (for the gumbel function)? I've looked it up in TransCAD manual, but I haven't found any specific information.

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If you can't find any helpful information in the official user guide of the TransCAD software, you will need to contact Caliper Corporation and ask for details. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding this default value. You can get in touch with them using the Contact Caliper page.

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