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Synchronization problems between XP and Windows 7.

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I have installed a local network AdTallerWin, with two teams. One is in Windows XP, and the other in Windows 7. The problem is, it does not sync well. The XP is the main folder and shares AdTallerWin, and also shares two of my documents folder. You may have to see that the folder structure is different in Windows 7. Could you tell me the key for synchronization Archibos?

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You shouldn't add duplicate folders to the synchronization process. For example, never add a folder that's accessed by two applications. Secondly, you need to make sure that only one application is allowed to sync files.


1 - App1
2 - App2
3 - Sync Folder

1 - 3 - 2 (App1 - Sync Folder - App2)

As you can see, the sync folder will be accessed by two applications/sources, and when this happens you will have synchronization problems. It's called a synchronization loop, because each app will continuously sync due to the changes being made. The fix consists in using separate directories for each sync operation rather than using just one where all the files will be stored.

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