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Axesstel Manager for Ubuntu/Linux

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Hi. I have an Axesstel (1x EV-DO, CDMA) modem, and I use it

for Interne connection in Windows, both through USB port and

through Ethernet conector (RJ-45), on Windows XP. However, I

recently installed Ubuntu on my PC and have connected to the

Internet throudf RJ-45, but I cannot to do the same through

USB port. I've configured the port and other modem

parameters by using wvdial and pppd. The connection seems to

be established (using "sudo pppd ttyACM0 noauth", and then

"sudo ifup ppp0"), but when I start firefox (the unique

browser installed in this machine), it fails, reporting an

error message.
I think that, as in Windows, a driver is needed in order to

the operating system recognizes the modem as a device and

can associate it an IP address (say,, or

whatever), but I cannot find it in the Internet, and the ISP

say to me that they don't support this equipment on any

other platform different to Windows and Mac.
Could you, please, help me?
Cosme Marcano?

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Download the drivers from Axesstel (with an extension .deb) and install it.
Ubuntu accpts drivers made for windows too .
For more info see ubuntu website.

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