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I can't access my external hard drive because it's secured with a password.

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I bought the Buffalo USB Hard DISK in China. It is impacted for same days now. So it can not be read. I took it to the data maintenance center. When the technical staff opened the hard disk, they try to lead the data out from each disk surface directly. They find that the hard drive is password protected. I never used the Secure Lock Ware. I just install it in my computer. Is there any default password that was set up on install? How can I overcome this?

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No. When you install the above program on your computer, it doesn't automatically set up a password. If you didn't used the product, than it means that the password from your hard drive was set up with another tool. If you don't get prompted to enter a password when you insert the drive into your PC, or the hard drive isn't recognized at all by it, you should visit the manufacturer's official website and download the latest firmware. This might solve the problem. If your problem doesn't get solved, the only thing that you can do is to contact the manufacturer to provide additional support in this matter.

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