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What is a Proxy Domain?

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When I used "freedom-sesawe", I was constantly asked about a Proxy Domain to make the program run successfully.
Could you explain to me what a Proxy Domain is?

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A Proxy Domain is a secure way to browse the Internet by connecting to a secure server and browse the Internet, thus, bypassing the restrictions that your ISP has. It usually has this form, for example : If you want to use a proxy, you need to have a remote machine with running proxy services.

thanks man
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Proxy sites allow you to bypass your personal Internet provider and search through the proxy site. A proxy site enables the consumer to key inside a specific website and be forwarded to that exact page inside a window. This achieves a couple of things. First, your window is coded included in the proxy site address and not the particular site the consumer is going to. For more information about domain visit this site

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