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Making an animal looks like it's talking.

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I raise kittens. I have lots of video of cats and kittens. I would like to make some of them look like they are talking. Will AlterEgos help me to voice and animate my animals? If it doesn't allow me to voice and animate (at least the mouth of) my animals, do you know any software out there that does?

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No. You can't use AlterEgo to animate a real life animal. Using the product, you can create an animated avatar that can move its lips like talking. Unfortunately, you can't add real life photos to the program and animate them.

The animal animating process is not easy to accomplish. The professionals from Hollywood aren't using real life animals for their animations. All the animations that you see in movies are generated on computer with tools like Adobe Photoshop to create a pattern and tools like 3ds Max to create the animations.

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