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My buddy receives text messages from my Chikka account.

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Is it possible for my buddy to receive text messages from my Chikka account even though I'm pretty sure that I did not sent any? I'm also sure that I'm the only one who knows my password.

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Hi. As absurd as it may sound, the answer is YES! It happend to me a couple of months back. I got a furious call from my mom asking me what on earth i was thinking sending her a curse message. When i got home she showed me 'd msg and it was my Chikka number. The big mystery back thn was I never sent her that message bcoz i'm no longer usingchikka that tym and never in my wildest dreams that i'll tell profanity against my mom. And oh boy! I had a hard tym convincing her it never came from me.

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The answer is no. If no one knows your account information, your buddy can't receive text messages from your Chikka account. From what it seems, someone hacked your account and I suggest your reset your password. Navigate to the official web page, click the Need help signing in? option and press Do you want to reset your password? button. Type your phone number, click Next and follow the on-screen instructions. For further information, I suggest you use email address to get in touch with the Support team.

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