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Analysis for a large building.

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I have to simulate a very large building (around 36.0000 square meters). To do so, I divided this area in 3 parts (so each compartment is 600 m x 200 m), but I got an error that the dimensions of compartment should be between 0.5 m and 100 m. So I used "corridor" modeling instead of "normal". But then I received an error indicating that the position of the corridors should not be greater than 100 m, (because I had to simulate three corridors next to each other). ITen I thought maybe I can divide each compartment into smaller compartments (less than 100 m) and then put opening (100%) between them and use "normal" modeling, but again I received error for the position of the compartments being greater than 100 m. The program still gives me results even with the error I'm receiving, but I wonder how accurate the results are?

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Before you start using the product, it's advised to read the User Manual and the Technical Reference Manual that you can find on the developer's support website. By doing this, you can find out more about the limitation of the program, and how to overcome problems like yours (trying to use the program for a building that has its dimensions grater that the program's maximum values). Also, you can contact the developer on the following mail address :, for any additional information.

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