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Epson Photo TX700W network printer reset all cartidges

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asked by (120 points) about SSC Service Utility

Is there a setting on version 4.3 that will reset all the cartridges on the Epson TX700W. I have owned previous Epson printers but this is the worst of the worst printers ever made. In 12 months it has cleaned and churned its way through 100+ cartridges for printing 1-2 documents a fortnight. Yes i have been tempted to throw it through Epson's HO window. I desperately need to reset colors as i only now print in B&W, yet it chews color cleaning. Please can someone help, Please I need to urgently print 12 pages in Black but cannot print due to Cyan supposedly being out which it is not.

1 Answer

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Try the TX700W adjuster program to reset the catriadge counter.

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