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Information about Kodak All-in-One printer/scanner.

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I have had 3 Kodak scanners. Got another one and couldn't get it to scan like the rest, so my husband took it and he got me another one. We can't even get it to work like scanning pictures into my computer. We think we downloaded it correctly, but it doesn't give us an icon. I really need help. I am 74 and computer illiterate. Can you email me step by step instructions?

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If you have many scanners attached to your computer, then you should know that you need a driver for each one. With the acquisition of a new scanner, a new driver needs to be installed. To do this, simply insert the support CD that arrived with the printer into the CD/DVD-Rom. Wait for the installer to start and then click to install the drivers and the software. During installation, the wizard will prompt you to attach the scanner to one of the USB ports. Complete the installation, reboot the PC and you have a working installed scanner plus the icon on the desktop to start the scanner operations (scanning, OCR, etc).

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