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How to safely disconnect USB TV Super mini program?

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I enjoy the nice USB TV SuperMini program but I do not know how to safely remove it when I am not using it. I exit the program and then I remove the USB TV icon from the right toolbar. Then I open the Safely Remove Hardware icon and there I select the UAD TV BOX icon. Then I try to remove it, but a pop-up appears saying "Problem to remove UAD TV Box. Cannot stop the TV Box UAD device because a program still has access to it". Then I discover that the WaitableTimer.exe is still active, so I stop it, but anyway it is still impossible to safely unplug the USB connection.

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These devices are optimized for safe removal. This means that you shouldn't take all these steps (file deleting, process kill) in order to remove it. Just unplug the device and everything should be fine. Most of the USB devices are configured for fast removal.

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Right click on the USB drive and click eject.

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