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Compilation error while using PoweBuilder.

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Now, I using Pb11.5 trial license. I have deployed my workspace for .exe file to run. It runs OK, but when I close my App, an error "just-in-time debugger" raise. When I disable Just In Time Debugger, an error raise :

Error signature :
AppName: test.exe
ModName: pbshr115.dll
ModVer :
Offset : 000f0c57

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There is no information about this error. However, while building the executable file, you will have to check the offset 000f0c57 because the error is given based on that location. Delete the test file, then check the memory address at the given offset. Something is not right or it's in conflict with other modules. Because of that, compilation will give errors. Even if the file is running OK, it's possible that you'll see other errors in the future so it's best to double check the code first.

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