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ORGANIZE! Your Collection information.

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Is this the same "Organize your Collection" that came out in the 90's for organizing your books, albums, pens, mails, and others? The Company went out of business a few years later. It was on a floppy disc, and it wasn't available in any other format. I have not been able to reinstall it in my new computer because it is not compatible with Windows 7. I installed it using "virtual access" for Windows XP, but I still have many problems. If this is the same program, I want it. I want to install it over my existing OYC program in order to avoid re-inputting the data. I have over 3000 books, and 1000 albums, plus a large mail list.

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The last version of ORGANIZE! Your Collection (OYC) is online at:

It is there temporarily and may be removed when the web site needs to be used
for its intended purpose (talking about industrial label printers).

ORGANIZE! Your Collection (OYC) can be easily used with Windows 7 using virtual XP
mode. This is provide so that Windows 7 can run XP software. This feature was
also provided in Vista, but it was very difficult to find and install. On
Windows 7 it is a fairly easy process, and you can then use any XP software you
may still have. (I have some old games that have been fun to play.)

The instructions for installing XP Mode are available from Microsoft at:

Here is a Google search that brings up web pages about installing ans using XP

ORGANIZE! Your Collection (OYC) can then have an icon on your desktop and you'll be
able to run it just like any other program. Win

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You can install the new version over the version of OYC you have. It can use the same data.

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RAY The windows version was initially on floppies but V6.0 was issued on a CD, Steve the company owner had been ill & closed the company for a while before starting again with the Windows version,I think he became ill again & closed down. I started useing OYC with the DOS versions & still use a DOS version with XP as it's quicker & easier than the windows version to enter data

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Yes, this is the same application, but unfortunately, the software has been discontinued and it is no longer supported. The latest version of the program is HomeCraft Software ORGANIZE! Your Collection 6.0 and you can download and install it using the first link provided by OYC user. You can check if you already have this version when you launch the program. The version will be displayed in the left corner of the first window:

enter image description here

If you have an older version of the program, just install the software without removing the old one and launch it after the process is complete. The libraries will be automatically imported by the new version. Since the version 6.0 is not developed to run on the latest Windows platforms, you will need to use the Windows XP Mode or Program Compatibility troubleshooter in order to run it on your PC. Also, if you want, you can check Software Informer database for another similar organizer, but more likely you will not be able to use the old libraries with the new program.

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