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Network Connect 6.0.0 and issues whilst on a 3G WiFi Internet connection.

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I am using a Sierra Wireless MC8790 integrated 3G module, which gives no problems on a normal Internet connection.

I am able to connect to our VPN using the secure matrix, and can work online in that way for a while, but after some time, the connection seems to stall, and no further operation is possible. No error messages are generated by the Juniper Network Connect software so I have no indication that anything is wrong, apart from the fact that attempts at accessing functions and loading pages are unsuccessful. The green lights on the small padlock icon in the system tray also indicate communication only from one side, with no response from the other.

I also connect to the same VPN using my wired LAN connection, and never experience any of the above issues.
Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what is causing this issue and how I can fix it?

The symptom seems to suggest some kind of compatibility issue between the "Sierra 3G Watcher" software which is used to establish the Internet connection, and the Juniper Network Connect software.

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It is possible that the 3G connection is filtered. This means that you cannot connect to the servers because the filters applied to the connection are in effect. Try contacting the carrier network you use to connect and explain this situation. They will probably remove the restriction.

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