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what exactly is network connect?

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asked by (120 points) about Juniper Networks Network Connect

Is this software a thin client, an ActiveX control, or what? Where can i find info on it, like a white paper or something?

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Network Connect is an actual software program installable via your VPN portal page if operated by Juniper software technology.

You can find more information on it at Junipers direct website.

Network Connect is an actual program that allows you to connect to your VPN portal without actually going to the website directly. Instead, it allows you to connect as another client NODE on your internal network, which provides faster access to your VPN.

If you login via the VPN site, it will not list your computer as a remote NODE of the internal network, and everything will be cached through the site DNS. This makes the requests very slow,and the VPN a bit hard to navigate around. However, it is the most recommended method, as Network Connect can cause issues on complex computer setups.

Running Network Connect is the prefered method to link your machine up with your internal network, and I recommend it.

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