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Calling in Trillian.

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How to make a call in Trillian?

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Well it depends on what you mean. If you use Trillian in conjunction with Skype you can right-click a Skype contact and select "Call" or "Video Call." I do not know of any other ways, for instance in Yahoo! or MSN. But in the case of Skype you just control Skype with Trillian. It does not replace Skype, as with all the other protocols, so Trillian isn't even needed or useful if you do not already use it for anything else. But if with you just mean how to start an IM with someone, just double click the contact.

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Firstly, open the Preferences window from the main menu and click the enter link description here icon. After that, plug-in your microphone, select a contact from the list and send a voice chat invitation using the Call drop-down option:

enter image description here

Once the invitation has been accepted, you can start chatting using your microphone. If you have problems, I suggest you contact the support team using the How may we help? page.

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