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Problems with sound quality in karaoke videos

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I burned some karaoke videos downloaded from YouTube in DivX format to DVDs. When I play them on my Karaoke stereo connected to my TV set, I can hear the audio and see the video, but the sound quality is very bad, and my voice through the microphone, even if it is set to the loudest, sounds very soft - I can hardly hear myself. And I can't enable the music key change to lower or raise the key of the song. However when I play a commercial karaoke DVD that I bought online, the sound is better, I can hear myself clearly and the music key change can be lowered and raised. Why?

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This happens because the commercial DVD you have contains native karaoke files which keep their quality regarding sound, video, etc. While you download from YouTube, you will get a conversion of those files so the quality decreases gradually. The YouTube process is defined by the fact that every file uploaded to YouTube, no matter the format, gets converted to an acceptable format and that's why the original input file differs a lot from the one you save(the one you are downloading). You should better stick to the commercial DVD or purchase additional content with original karaoke files.

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