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Does vinyl conversion produce files with better sound quality than simply downloading MP3 files?

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Does vinyl conversion produce files with better sound quality than simply downloading MP3 files from the Internet?

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I am 67 and really naive about all this stuff. I don't know what 3D music is and found little help looking online for a definition of it. Is it a species of MP3 music? Irrelevant anyhow. I'd be listening to my converted or downloaded music on an Ipod with and without earphones but more without earphones than with. I'm not an audiophile but neither do I want some obvious drop in quality from my LP's (which I might sell when done....interested?). One thing you say concerns me: you use the phrase "download the best copy in mp3 format." Does that mean I'll need to look around the Net and compare the quality of different mp3 files for the same music? That sounds almost like more trouble than converting my vinyl.

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Vinyl is all the way for better depth of sound.
But it's not worth spending loads money and time to convert them.
It's much easier to download the best copy of the mp3 format.
Why not put your headphones on and listen to some 3d music?

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Vinyl is great at sound quality. If you have a playing device for vinyls, I suggest you buy a vinyl and compare it with MP3. A MP3 file is a stripped-down version regarding audio quality. The file is overcompressed and the maximum quality you can get for a MP3 is 320kbps. Vinyl is more expensive but nothing can beat its quality while a MP3 is more accessible.

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Thank you but I was not asking about the sound quality of vinyl vs. mp3. I was asking whether mp3 files that I could produce by converting my vinyl would be superior to the mp3 files already on-line and ready for downloading.

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