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iTunes stops syncing after 50 items

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I am trying to sync my iPod but iTunes stops syncing after 50 items. My daughter has been using my computer to sync her iPod and I wonder if this could be the problem?

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What kind of "stopping syncing"? iTunes might show error number.

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Because sometimes the simplest solution is also the best one, I would recommend you to change the USB cable with a better one and to connect your iPod directly to your computer, without using USB hubs. A more radical solution is to perform a firmware upgrade for your iPod with the help of iPhone and iPod Firmware(iOS) tool.

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This question is old but I still want to say that the best way to save iTunes songs is download the iTunes songs in your PC and convert them to MP3.
If you didn't convert, the songs might can't play after subscription. By converting them to MP3, you can save them in a local folder and play them with any media player you like.

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