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Looking for a sound-editing and annotating app to mark and add notes to my voice recordings

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I need a sound editing application. Not a professional one, but the one that will let me add markings and notes to my sound recordings. I record my voice practices and lectures to review them. Very often I want to jump to certain points in a 2-hour long recording to listen for something particular.

I've used YouTube with my video recordings, and I could share with colleagues and let everyone mark a timestamp with comments. (e.g. [03:35] main speech starts. [1:02:00] Voice not loud enough)

I could potentially add video stream to my audio file and upload to YouTube, but I'm wondering if there are easier solutions available, online or offline?

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There are several solutions for your problem, but you have to choose the one that fits you best. If you want an online sound annotation tool, consider using SoundCloud. This website allows you to upload and record sounds, add annotations at certain points from your file, share and listen to your tracks. Yet, if you are more comfortable with an offline application, you can try Minutes of Meeting Recorder. A short tutorial can be found at this link Another alternative is Audio Annotation Tool. Go to for more information.

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There is a nice App for Android where you can do it, it is called Transcriptor and you can find it in the android market (google play):

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