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Information about VmDas file formats

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I am using RDI VmDas version 1.44. There is a profile which we have to read through WinADCP. What is the format used by the profile and where is it stored? I have read that the output data format for header, fixed leader, variable leader and so on use LTA, ENS, ENX, and ENR. These are some files extensions which are in VmDas, but I've learnt only about ENR files. What do the other ones mean and could they be used anywhere or not?

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The other formats are used for data extraction and can't be used anywhere. LTA is an ADCP (plus Navigation Data) file that has been used a long time period specified in the Options, Edit Data Options, or Averaging tab. ENS represents the ADCP data received after having been screened for RSSI and correlation by VmDas, or adjusted by the customer via a User Exit. ENX can be defined as the ADCP single-ping data (plus Navigation Data) after having been bin-mapped, transformed to Earth coordinates, and screened for error velocity, vertical velocity, and false targets. For further details I suggest you check the second link from Google search engine. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding the profile's format and the place it is stored and you need to contact the developers of VmDas and ask for help. You can get in touch with them using the contact information from the official website.

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