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Interface translation for LoKon.

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LoKon 2.5 is a terrific program for building digital circuits and I'm very surprised that more people are not using it.

It's problem seems to be with the German to English translation of the Content Sensitive Help. Especially the section dealing with (CREATE A NEW ELEMENT). It's sketchy and confusing. Anyone who has mastered that part of it and post an understandable account of how it's done at this web site, would be gratefully appreciated by all users of LoKon 2.5. The program was created by Heiko Roth of RothSoft, a German company. Unfortunately, he seems to have moved on to bigger things.

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Unfortunately, there is no info related to the LoKon interface language. Availability is also questionable because no website is configured for this application. I have tried to download it or to obtain additional information about the software but nothing was found. The software appears to be discontinued.

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