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I can't submit multiple lines of R code.

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I'm using Tinn-R version 2.3. It will not run when I select multiple lines of R code. The single lines of R work fine from Tinn-R. I tried recent versions of Tinn-R ( and, but it always gives an error message when I select more than one line of R code and I click on one of the two multiple-lines Tinn-R send icons (R send: selection and R send: selection (echo=TRUE)):

The error message, which appears is:

source(.trPaths[5], echo=TRUE, max.deparse.length=150)
Error in source(.trPaths[5], echo = TRUE, max.deparse.length = 150) : 
 object '.trPaths' not found

What can I do?

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In order to fix the problem, upgrade the utility to the latest version. After that, open the (C:) > Program Files > R > R- > etc > directory and create a .trPaths object using the following syntax:

.trPaths <- paste(paste(Sys.getenv('APPDATA'), '\\Tinn-R\\tmp\\',
sep=''), c('', 'search.txt', 'objects.txt', 'file.r',
'selection.r', 'block.r','lines.r'),sep='')

Also, make sure you're running the program using Administrator rights. For further information, I recommend you open the first link from Google search engine.

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