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I can't use IncrediMail anymore.

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I have McAfee Security antivirus and after I updated it, I can't use IncrediMail. I followed the instructions provided by the Technical Support, but the part about the firewall is different at McAfee. What can I do?

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First you need to know which ports your mail server uses. If it is a free mail, maybe POP3 (with or without SSL) or IMAP (if, for instance, gmail). Having that, check these ports are open on your firewall. Assuming that the only one that could block it is McAffee, check these ports. Also check if Incredimail is in your allowed applications. In case of doubt you can ask me here

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In order to configure your McAfee Firewall to work with IncrediMail, launch the security software, click Firewall below Updates and select Settings. Click Internet Connections for Programs below Firewall History and then Browse. Navigate to (C:) > Program Files > IncrediMail > bin folder and add the IMApp.exe, IncMail.exe, ImNotify.exe and ImpCnt.exe files.

In other versions of the antivirus, you need to go to Personal Firewall+ and select View the Internet Applications List. After that, press New Allowed Application, navigate to bin folder and add the same files.

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