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Connection problems with 3Connect.

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The 3Connect utility disconnects again and again. Will the connection be improved if I update 3Connect?

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Hi there, the 3 is known to have this problem, I have a bad problem with disconnection where I live, the problem turns out to be a mast in the area malfunctioning. They refused to rectify it until I got several 3 customers in the area having the same problem to complain to them. They are now working on it and my connection isnt as bad as it was. If you are still having this problem, call up three by dialing 500 from a 3 mobile or 0843 373 0500. I hope I have been of help and please let me know what 3 say when you phone them :)

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in Administrative tools -> Services -> Enable Remote Connection and Enable Remote Network as the 3 dongle need these enabled at all times to connect successfully :)

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Yes, the connection will be improved if you update the 3Connect utility. In order to install the update I suggest you follow the instructions provided by the support team. Since the guide doesn't provide a link to download the update, I suggest you contact the developers in order to obtain it.

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