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Downgrading an updated OS.

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I purchased a Vista the other day got and got it all set up and then ran upgrade to windows 7. Can I restore the computer to factory condition? When I use the F8 key it only list Windows 7, if the computer ever broke down, is there anyway I can just put it back to factory condition or do I rerun the upgrade? Or do a system image? Do I need a system image with a recovery disk?

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Once you upgraded to Windows 7, the only way to get back to Vista is through new OS installation. You need a Vista installation disc in order to install the OS from scratch. Even if you use a system image, you still need an application to restore that image to the system partition. Since there could be issues, I recommend formatting the partition drive to install the OS, then use a backup application to create a system image to prevent situations like these in the future. For backup procedure, use Acronis TrueImage.

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