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effective and efficient use of lmms

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asked by about Linux MultiMedia Studio

I'm new to this, so i would like to does one use lmms?
what does it offer and and how can i access those features?

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Hello there,
Well if you have used fruity loops before you might find LMMS similar to it but if you havent,i hope my brief explanation will help you work your way around with it.If you have already opened LMMS, start by opening the bar o your far left called My samples. Open which ever folder that interestes you and double click the instrument that you fancy using. You will notice that the instrument you have double clicked will be sent to that track editor which is labled as Beat+Bassline Editor on your right hand side.After doing so and confirming that the instrument chosen has been moved you will,you may start plotting onto the patterns( make sure before you do this,the pointer is changed to the one with the pencil,thats the one you need to use when ever your plottong and to erase use the rubber icon) and to hear what you are playing,press play on top of the track field.After your done with that,plot your sample onto the main editor called the the song editor to the left of the pattern editor.You can stretch you loop by dragginf the extension line to the right.For a beginner this should help you get started with your production,with time you will be posting up other methods.I hope this simple explanation will help you get started.

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