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free downloaded a newer version of 3D Dream House designer

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i have3D Dream house Designer program from data becer from 1998 version .i can instaled that version only on Windows 98 software,but i cant instaled it on windows 2000 and windows XP,it says that it is old version and i cant do that .
How can i get a newer version of 3D Dream House Designer ,and can i downloaded for free or not ?

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Hi Gordana - I had the 1998 version also and I have the last version - in English - from 1999. As far as I am aware there is no later one as the producers of the english version went out of business shortly afterwards. Talking/emailing Data Becker in Germany will get you a reply eventually but it is not productive, they do not seem to want to support this outdated software. It is a pity as I found it quite good, it had it's limitations of course, mainly because the database content was just too German and limited in content. I could let you have a copy of my disc but the database (MD.mdb) file is corrupted, I am currently looking for another user who could share a copy with me. I had some slight problems with using it in XP but it did eventually work ok, I am currently using Windows 7 and until I get that MDB file I cannot be sure if it will work in that environment.


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Hi Jim, I can share a copy with you. Claire

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