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What program do you recommend for video editing?

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I work for the school magazine and use Photoshop for that. We get film projects for many classes. Is there a program for editing video clips that you recommend?

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If you are familiar to Photoshop (I hope something new like CS5), then you'll love Adobe Premiere CS5. Not only the similar interface, it has a close integration with Photoshop.

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it goes without saying Photoshop is amazing, but if the question is what is the best for video editing then id have to say there 3 programs that are just as technical and versatile but a quarter of competitors retail.
1.I think Cyberlink Power director is by far best bang fir your buck its under 50$
2.Roxio creator-im diggin the newst one, it has a video editor that has all the functions of any other. I love the 3d converter lab,you can edit and turn any picture or video a professional looking anylgraph 3d presentation.
3.adobe premiere elements-the previous comment reccomend it.It is a great program, ass good as any, it also has a similiar template and feel of photoshop. so if you know adobe's style you wil pick it up a lot faster than the other i mentioned

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If you are running windows us the movie maker - minimal learning curve, & works with DV camera formats. I also find Real Player's video conversion program quite useful for all the different video applications from net to mobile. I like the way Real's multimedia platform brings the tools needed for file management into a one stop shop, it's quick and just plain works well... >"<

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vlc player include video editor. it is easy to handle

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