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This program has never done a damn thing....

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asked by about Google Updater

Not sure what the heck it is about...but it ain't upgrading ****~~ I just got through using Software Informer which told me that out of 79 programs...over 20 were in need of major updating....where were you google updater..? I know where...You were doing nothing more than taking up space on my harddrive....well, lease is up so pack your things and get the hell off my PC and stay off anyone elses pc that needs updating regularly....C'ya and look me up when you get yourself together and can perform as you promised....another premature ....oh hell you know what I mean! LOL Bye....Angel!

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Don't be so quick to judge........Google Updater only lets you know about the Google Pack programs.......not everything on your computer....and it's up to you whether or not you allow the program to do it's job thro' your firewall.

P.S. Software.Informer ain't so hot, either. It sent me to download software for a printer that I don't even have (totally the wrong model).

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I have my router firewall configured low and just now upgraded to Norton, I had the slackest ass Firewall I can think of, next to "none", O:-) and google must still be on I sent it packing....this Software Informer is actually pretty freakin' USELESS...omg I see 20 plus program updates and all of them are either old and deleted or trials...Now I'm more worried about how far down this critter has latched into my pc!! Now I am scared...and Hope Norton hooks me up when this thing rears it's ugly head in the not so distant future!! Oh well....I tried...gotta give me props for that at least....I do find it disheartening that the programs that come installed on our pc's don't take proper care of themselves and update when needed, or at least let ya know somethin's up....The masses are not developers and program writers and our pc's are leaving us out here in a sea of scam "Fast Fix" websites that do nothing more than give you the free download, but that is all you get for free...I know drug dealers with better deals!! I don't know any drug dealers personally, so...this is just hearsay...but you know what I mean...don't promise me free and then charge me too much and tease me for more, when I got nothin' to start with!!! I step down from the soap box, for now....glad to know someone is at least looking into what we have to say on the thatnks for responding!!

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