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I'm a hunter or an archer? I'm level 34 and I don't know how to train pets. I have the "Wolf's essence" but I don't know what I need to do with it. Can you help?

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From what it seems you're a Hunter because the Archer character is not available in Supreme Destiny. The other characters available are: Trans Knight, Foema, Beast Master, God, Celestial, God and Soul Character. Also, the Hunter seems to be the only one that can summon wolfs. The "Wolf's essence" is used to train your mountable animal. You can train the pet using "Wolf's essence" if you drag and drop the item from the inventory. Also, in order to train your pets, I suggest you use your character to weaken the monsters. After that, use your pets to kill them. For further information, I suggest you visit the official web page.

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