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I activated win dvd 9 plus it is not on my list, and not in auto play for blu ray of dvd

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Why cant win dvd 9 plus blu ray be in auto play in vista 64, and not listed with corel as I know I activated it, but its not listed on MY ACCOUNT PRODUCTS, also, WHY PAY SO MUCH IF WE CANNOT SET IT TO AUTOPLAY BLU RAY DISCS, Its heck when we use it to have to get up to the computor when using remote to tv. It should be default listed on auto play. Roxio does it ,,, Power DVD does it, and they are a choice on auto play, But Win DVD 9 Plus blu ray, or DVD COPY ^ plus, or VIDEO STUDIO 11.5 PLUS none of them are on auto play, That is terrible PR if their techs cannot add it to auto play..

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All hd dvd formate soft ware has been munipulated with so it dont look like nothing but a glitch your system .But they have sabotaged all hd dvd software updates so you cant play hd dvd and make you buy Bluray.All updates are designed to make you give it up as a flawed was of time .But when you go back to original programing from which you booted up first time it works perfectly.Which means cccccccccccyberlink microsoft,nvidia and others have broken trade laws like insiders do in stock exchange.To get all who bouht hd dvd to by bluray sooner They fixed it so your library is useless and buy blu-ray sooner because they were hurting for sales but should fully support the system because they got my money I spent on trust of there support.By law, fair trade says they need to stop blocking my use of what I paid for and rigging hte game and the soft ware.

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